Amiga600 project

I have always wanted to have Amiga600 which is usable. Case is compact and looks good, but performance is not very good.

Individual computers bring new A600 accelerator retro folks called ACA630. It has 68030 processor and some memory. Same company also bring famous clock port to A600 which is integrated to one megabyte memory expansion card. Memory expansion name is A603.

ACA630-1 ACA630-2

A603-0 A603-1

I decided to get that kind of setup. About year ago I bought Amiga600 from my cousins and it was lying without any use some conner of my department. Scan doubler and use of cf-card sd-card as hd was also requirements of my project.

Then I started to think where to use clock port. There is USB-controller to the clock port. Sound insane to put something like that in the worst Amiga ever. After these upgrades it is not worst at all. I set order to the Vesalia, because they had everything else than ACA630 in stock. ACA wasn’t yet ready that time.

After two months waiting finally everything arrived. Package has arrived earlier but I missed the whole delivery for some reason. Waited two weeks and sent mail to Vesalia. They said that it has sent over two weeks ago.

First I putted A603 in, then ACA630, after that USB and finally Scan doubler. I tested also some combo sd cf card adapter as hd but it didn’t work quite well and cf-only adapter takes less room.
A600-0 A600-1 A600-4

Workbench look nice. This is without scan doubler

A600-2 A600-3 USB-0 VGA-0

I tested several USB devices. Most tested usb-pens, mouses, keyboards works nicely; DVD-drive if external PSU is used; Ethernet controller most of the time. One USB-pen had problems which identifies itself as CF-card.

When I had everything in place started to test machine with games. I found that sounds are distorted, which means dry or leaked electrolytic capacitors between Paula and output connectors.

Then some reason I broke pcmcia. It is the port/chips behind it or pcmcia network card.

So I still have something to pending with this project
1. change capasitors
2. check pcmcia card with other machine
3. add hole to cf harddrive and mount adapter properly
* to change harddisk easily
4. add on/off switch to set accelerator on or off

And finally special thanks to Mika Yrjölä. Mika took pictures which are used in this post.

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